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This project is an open-source file syncronization website which will be linked to an iPhone and Android app as well as a Windows Desktop sync application.

We are hoping to develop an easily portable cloud storage solution for everyone.

Our pilot site will eventually sit on and will allow anyone to register for an account, then upload/download files from that account. has carved out 2tb of storage across four 1.5Tb hard drives setup in RAID 5. So our files are totally secure and safe.

Once we have an API put together we will get to working on an iPhone/Android app for accessing those files as well as a Windows desktop sync app.

As we develop this project, please participate in the discussions, report issues, and download the code. Once published to an IIS server, you too can have your own cloud storage in your home, accessable whenever you are away.

This is the perfect solution for businesses that want to keep everything in-house and secure, but still have availability from anywhere.

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